Martin Reid


One of Britain’s most exciting emerging artists, Martin Reid has perfected two very unique styles of painting. The first uses a charcoal dry brushing technique using traditional Chinese brushes. He first started experimenting with the method whilst living in South-East Asia for a few years and mainly uses it to produce stunning hyper-realist animal and human portraits that are often mistaken for photographs.

Each piece in his latest collection entitled “Strength from Within” carries significant meaning and were produced to provide inspiration both through periods of struggle and times of prosperity.

His second style is a technique he has developed himself using oil on the back of glass. He was featured on Sky Arts Landscape Artist of the Year and received praise from the judges on the vibrancy of the colours that this method produces in the finished product. Martin has a diverse background and with four children, who also share his passion for painting, has a full life.

“Painting has always been a great passion and I love to see people’s reactions to my labours of love”
Martin Reid

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