Artist Zee full name Zita Som – better known to her many fans as Zee – she says she was born with art in her blood.
She was born in Hungary’s capital city, Budapest, to parents who are both artists, so grew up around art from a young age. Zee moved to London when she was 18, with very little English, but hungry for success and ready for all the challenges life can bring. She worked at various jobs but was always drawing and painting and ended up studying Interior Design and Creative Art in Richmond Collage as well as Digital Art in Elephant Castle College in London.

She started doing little personalised artworks for friends and family and from there began to receive more and more commissions.

But it wasn’t until she went on maternity leave that she decided to try and pursue art as a career that involved not only her passion but allowed her to be around her children growing up.

Zee aims to create unique and slightly quirky artwork where possible, blending it with current trends and styles. She’s inspired by many things around her including family and friends and her love of fashion and nature

In early 2019, she decided to go solo as an artist. She describes herself as a mixed media/digital artist and likes to experiment with acrylic paints, inks, and various mediums and tools.

“I’d call my style pop art, or mixed media implemented with the benefit of digital technology,” she says. “I enjoy a freestyle approach to the use of media; I orchestrate the visual components using a variety of techniques. By scanning painted and drawn media into pixels, I manipulate and integrate the imagery with digital painting.

“Nowadays I am more into digital art as I have to work around my children and my artist hours starts after 7pm.

“Being self-taught with little awareness or concern for the ‘rules’, I find myself with a natural tendency to break them!”

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